Here and There

Three cheers to FB!

If you’re not already on Facebook then I would suggest that you get yourself an account. Ok FB is not paying me to market for them 🙂 I have not been very much into social networking either.. FB just happened to me a few years back and then it sat in the backburner like my blog and twitter account has been sitting. But a few months back I got back on to FB to get reconnected with the world and boy has it been a wonderful journey! I’ve gotten back in touch with so many old, long lost friends and to tell you not the least it has been an awesome experience! It’s amazing how some of us have grown, all level headed mature and successful individuals, doing our own thing in this world, making our mark in our own little way!

And thanks to FB a couple weeks back a bunch of us girls met up after 15 or so odd years! It was a crazy reunion full of laughter, reminiscing about old times , teachers, friends, incidents etc. We laughed so much that people in the restaurant wanted to know what all the noise was about! The food was great and the pictures below will tell you more………….

Quiche and some gravy dish that I did not try
The yummy deserts!
Shessh kababs!
More main course...
Loved these little pots of Mishti Doi…
So there we go people…I promise to be back soon again with something interesting……until then Adios!

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