Dinner and a Movie – Series 2


The movie on the radar for this week was “Listen Amaya”. This movie was recommended to me by a friend a while back but somehow we never got around to watching it. Sometimes when we are looking for a movie to watch, some of these movie suggestions just dont come to mind..until you are out of options and then you suddenly remember!! 🙂

Listen Amaya                      Photo Courtesy: Internet

Listen Amaya Photo Courtesy: Internet

The movie was a pleasant surprise and refreshingly different. And not to mention how bold a topic it was..
“Listen Amaya” is a 2013 Hindi Art movie if I may say, starring Deepti Naval, Farooq Shaikh and Swara Bhaskar (never seen her before and really enjoyed her portrayal of Amaya). Deepti Naval of course is a seasoned favorite actress..she is in a league of actresses that just get better and better with age kinda like aging wine 🙂
Farooq Shaikh, another wonderful actor – I still remember seeing “Noorie” and Umrao Jaan in the good old days!!

The movie explores the complex relationship of a mother and a daughter and the intense emotions when that relationship is threatened by a friendship between the mother and her widowed photgrapher friend “Jazz”.. What i loved about the movie is the old world Delhi charm, the lovely book club cafe that is the venue the story plays out in and the intricate but yet the delicate way emotions are played out by each of the characters… Not giving out much about the movie but encouraging you to watch it if you get a hold of it 🙂 We enjoyed the movie.. it was a perfect Friday night movie.

And what is a movie without food really??? On the menu was “Moogachi Usal”..a side made with Whole green moong – my favorite side dish from the plethora of Maharashtrian dishes.. have I told you I love Maharashtrian food ?? 🙂

Moogachi Usal

Moogachi Usal

I have been following Richa’s recipe for Moogachi Usal for so long now that I can claim it as my own 🙂 You know how sometimes you make a dish long enough that you forget where you actually learnt it from?? Except here I do remember where I first learnt to make it 🙂
No changes to the recipe, just keeping it simple.. served it with roti and salad on the side 🙂

And just as a side note :-), Some blogs that I discovered these past few days:

1. BawanDinesh– Was referred to this blog by a friend. Love the way these guys write!! and boy are they so happy..soemthing about happy people, they spread so much cheer and positivity – happy reading folks 🙂

2. TurmericSaffron – This very beautiful blog about Persian food and stories, resplandant with pictures and experiences!! Written by Azita this blog is a must visit if you are curious about different lives in different parts of the world!

3. Aahaaram – Chanced upon Aruna’s food blog, loved the simple recipes and mouth watering pictures!! Need I say more 🙂

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  1. Hi Lathu, Once again an interesting review of a movie I have not seen. Swara Bhaskar played the role of the other girl who loves DhanushI(Kundan) in Raanjhana.I think she also has essayed the role of Farhan Ahktar’s sister in Bhaag Milka Bhaag.
    As these reviews and recipes are very interesting please share them through email with your near and dear ones.
    Please give the website names where you watched these movies also.
    Keep going.

  2. Hi Latha,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It helped me discover yours. I am glad you like my blog. I look forward to exploring yours over this weekend.

    We seem to share similar tastes in movies as well. I quite liked “Listen Amaya”. 🙂

  3. Why hasn’t technology progressed enough to allow us to share food online?!! Your blog makes me hungry and all I have the motivation to make right now is a peanut butter sandwich.

    Great blog lathu! Keep going.

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