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Paneer Kati Rolls

Life is always about the little things, Good food, Good friends, Good times and making good memories…..This weekend we had an impromptu evening with friends and I decided to make Kati Rolls which are hugely popular with my kids.
On the menu was Chips and Salsa, Paneer Kati Rolls, Chole and Bhatura, Samosas and a potluck of dishes made by my wonderful friends – a mixed Vegetable Rice, Onion Raitha, Curd Rice, Fruits..

Party Time!!
Party Time!!

The Paneer Kati Rolls were a huge hit..I did a google on Kati Roll and read that this street food originated in Kolkata India. Very similar to a Wrap with a filling, the Kati roll is typically made with Paratha bread – either Flour or Wheat. India has reinvented the kati roll with innumerable fillings what with Kofta, Aloo Matar, Chicken Tikka, Shammi Kabab, Egg, Achari Paneer etc. This street food is now popular all over the country…several kati roll only joints such as Kati Zone in Bangalore, The Kati Roll Company in New York and not to mention the various local street vendors have popularized this quick, grab and go food to the ever expanding working middle class population.

I personally favor this dish for its versality. You can personalize it with a filling of your choice and is a quick lunchbox dish that is not messy and easy to eat.

You will need:

Parathas or Tortillas – Flour or Wheat. You can either make Parathas at home or for ease of use, you can use store bought parathas or Tortillas. I use Tortilla Land brand uncooked tortillas. Prior to use I toast them on a hot griddle/tava with a little oil.

Paneer Filling
Paneer Filling

For the Paneer Filling:
2 cups Fresh Paneer – Cubed or Scrambled
2 Onions – Chopped lengthwise
2 Tomatoes – Cubed
1 cup Capsicum/Bell Peppers – Cubed, I just used a mix of red, yellow, green and orange bell can use whatever is handy
1 Grated Carrot
2 green chillies – Chopped lengthwise into thin slices
1 small piece ginger – Chopped lengthwise into thin slices
Turmeric powder
Red chilli Powder
Coriander or Dhaniya Powder
Garam Masala Powder (or Kitchen King masala)
Salt to taste
Chopped Cilantro
1 tbsp Fresh cream (optional)
2 tbsp Oil

Method for filling: In a pan, heat the oil. Add the chopped onions and saute until golden brown. Add the chopped tomates, grated carrots and bell peppers. Saute for 2 or 3 minutes. Add all the powder ingredients and mix well. Add the chopped green chillies and ginger. Mix and saute for a minute. Then add the paneer and mix well. Add, fresh cream, chopped cilantro and 1/2 tsp garam masala and mix well. Keep aside to cool.

For the assembly:
1 Tomato – Chopped into small cubes
1 Carrot – Grated
1 Capsicum/Bell Pepper – Chopped into small cubes
1 Large Onion – Chopped into small cubes
Chopped Cilantro
Green Chutney/Mint Chutney – Combine Fresh Mint, Cilantro or Coriander Leaves, Green chillies, Chopped onion, Chopped tomato, Spinach, Ginger, Garlic and Salt to taste. Grind into a smooth paste with some water. This chutney stays good refrigerated for over a week.
Tomato Ketchup
Lite Mayonaisse
Fine Sev (Optional)

Method: Take a cooked tortilla or paratha, Spread 1 tsp of the green chutney, spoon 1 large tbsp of the panner filling in the middle, top with chopped tomatoes, bell pepper, onion and grated carrot. Squeeze some mayo and tomato ketchup, top with chopped cilantro and sev. Close the bottom end and then the sides in. Wrap the bottom end tight with a foil such that top end is open. Serve with chips on the side 🙂

Paneer Kati Roll
Paneer Kati Roll

It seems like a lot of work to get all of the above together. But believe me, once you have the filling and green chutney made it is super simple and quick to put together. You can make the chutney and filling and store in the refriegerator and put it together in a jiffy whenever needed.


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