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Chutney Magic

Today I would like to share with all of you two simple chutney recipes. If anything, Andhra Pradesh is known for its spicy food and finger licking chutneys aka “Pachadis”. Pretty much any vegetable can be converted into a delectable chutney.
True to my Andhra genes, I love spicy food and spicy chutneys. Mixed with hot rice and a hint of ghee will take you into a blissful state!! Of course for the conscious eater staying away from carbs, these chutneys can be used as a spread on whole wheat toast or inside a whole wheat tortilla to make a wrap or as a dip with whole wheat crackers! Take your pick on how you would like to eat these..but definitely don’t miss out on these super delicious chutney recipes!!

My first recipe is called “Cleaning my fridge out Chutney” 🙂 Which is actually an Onion-Tomato Chutney recipe that tastes great with Dosa, Idli, Rice, Bread, Rotis etc. any which way you want to eat it.

Onion-Tomato ChutneyDSC_0033
You will need:
2 Large Onions – Peel, wash and chop into chunks
1 Medium Tomato – Wash and chop into cubes or slices
4 to 5 green chillies
a handful of cilantro or coriander leaves
a few mint leaves
a small piece of tamarind (1/4 lime sized)
1 Garlic – Peel
Salt to taste
1 tbsp grated coconut (optional)
Oil for frying – About 2 tsp

1. Chop all the veggies as above.
2. Heat a frying pan with 2 tsp oil on high heat.
3. Add all ingredients except the salt and coconut as listed above together into the frying pan.
4. Saute for about 3 to 4 minutes on high heat until the veggies are slightly charred and roasted. (see in picture below).
5. Turn off the stove, add the grated coconut and cool.

6. Combine all the roasted ingredients in a food processor or mixer, add salt and grind without adding any water. Grind until coarse.
7. This chutney does not require any additional seasoning. If you would like, you can always season with mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves and dry red chillies.
8. Serve with hot rice as below or use as a spread.DSC_0035

Next on my list here today is a Zucchini Yellow Tomato Chutney. This super delicious chutney tastes great with just about anything. My family loves it and it is a great way to have your kids eat veggies!!

Zucchini Yellow Tomato Chutney


You will need:
1 Large Zucchini – Wash and Chop into cubes or slices
1 Large Yellow Tomato – Wash and Chop into cubes; If you don’t have yellow tomatoes, you can use a red tomato or a green tomato instead; Or you can even omit the tomato completely
2 pods garlic – Peel (This is optional, for those who do not like the taste of garlic just omit it)
4 to 5 green chillies
a small piece of tamarind
a handful of cilantro
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp Grated coconut (optional)
salt to tasteDSC_0322

A similar method as above.
1. Heat oil in a frying pan on high heat, add cumin seeds. Fry for a few seconds.
2. Add all the veggies except the salt, add the tamarind also.
3. Saute on high heat until slightly charred and roasted. (will take about 4 to 5 minutes)

4. Turn off the stove. Add 1 tbsp grated coconut, Cool.
5. Add salt and grind in a mixer or food processor with adding just about 1/4 cup water. Grind coarse.

6. You can omit seasoning or season if you prefer with mustard seeds, hing, cumin seeds, curry leaves and dry red chilli.
7. Serve with rice or as a spread.

Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Cooking..

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