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Chennai Chipotle and Chef Yogi

On my blog today, I would like to make a special introduction to Chef Yogi. Chef Yogi is a passionate cook who whips up these innovative dishes in a jiffy!! Chef Yogi wanted me to keep him anonymous, so I gave him a pseudo name, but due credits should go where they are deserved 🙂 A long time friend and connoisseur of good food, Chef Yogi  dishes out yummy scrumptious meals for his family and friends on a regular basis. After much begging on my part :-), Chef has agreed to be a regular contributor on my blog here! So Yay!! Please join me in welcoming Chef Yogi’s first post!!

Today in the Masalamagic kitchen, he is sharing his famous “Chennai Chipotle” recipe..Easy to put together and delicious, he says that this recipe is “A Mexican Dish with a twist”!!


You will need:
Black Beans,
Diced Tomatoes,
Green Chilies (or Jalapeño),
Basmati Rice,
Grilled Veggies (used frozen stir fry veggies from Costco),
Chilli powder
Mexican seasoning,
garlic salt,
Sour Cream (or Home made Yogurt).



Finely dice Tomatoes and green chillies. Cut veggies if you use fresh ones.


Takes about 20 Min – 30 Min depending on the oven and amount of veggies.


Cook Basmati Rice add finely chopped cilantro and squeeze fresh lemon to taste. Microwave the Black beans, Corn for 2 min.

Preparing the Cilantro rice:
Add finely chopped cilantro and some lemon juice to the rice. Add salt if you like but it is not necessary. Mix well.

In his own words “The good part about this dish is no mess and quick to prepare. The time consuming activity here is the grilling and cooking the rice. This can be done in parallel and with minimal attention. During that time cut the tomatoes, onions and green chilies. Microwave the corn and black beans for 2 min each. Add seasoning to the veggies (I like garlic salt and chill powder). You can also add Mexican seasoning.”

Two scoops of cilantro rice, add cooked black beans, corn and veggies. Top it with Guacamole, Salsa, and Sour cream. If you like lemon, add that to the salsa. Blue corn chips would be another great addition, if you like it crunchy.


Enjoy a scrumptious Chennai Chipotle Burrito Bowl by Chef Yogi!!


Thanks for stopping by.

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