Dinner and a movie, Rice

Dinner and a Movie

Friday’s and soemtimes Saturday’s are movie nights at our home..Mostly any genre, any language is fine but we love watching offbeat movies, movies that have some message or some truth to it..Of course sometimes comedies or family movies also get a vote because the kids cannot sit through some of the “different” movies we pick..

This weekend we watched “Artist” – an Indian Malayalam movie. All of us at home dont know Malayalam 🙂 I actually can understand some of it however, the movie came with subtitles and those were pretty helpful, especially where the dialogue was intense.

Artist - Malayalam Movie  Photo Courtesy: Internet
Artist – Malayalam Movie
Photo Courtesy: Internet

The movie is a 2013 Release that is an adaptation of a novel in English “Dreams in Prussian Blue” by Paritosh Uttam. The movie explores the intricate emotions and relationship between a man and woman outside the legal bindings of a marriage, a concept that is still not the socio norm in India. Live-in relationships in India even to date are not taboo and are frowned upon.

What striked me the most in the movie is the sacrifices a woman makes in the name of love. The sacrifices of her own individuality and the strength that gets her through an abusive relationship only because of her values and convictions.  The movie explores the love and life of two budding Artists and the sacrifices the woman makes to help her man live his dreams, only to be discarded at the end.. As it says in the movie, Every relationship has a turning point – a point where there is no turning back. Amen to that!

A good movie should most always be accompanied with good food. I typically pin several recipes that i want to try but almost never get to most of them 🙂 Thanks to our busy lifestyles and the ever so fitness conscious family I have!!

However, that evening I did actually try a quick one pot rice dish (there we go again ! 🙂 ) that I have been meaning to try… Mumbai style “Tawa Pulao” – I mostly followed the same recipe from this webpage..with a little improvising… I love her step by step pictures and the quick, simple, no nonsense recipe 🙂 Thank you Maria for your delicious recipe and lovely blog.

Mumbai Style Spicy Tawa Pulao
Mumbai Style Spicy Tawa Pulao

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this post 🙂