Chutneys and Powders

Yellow Tomatoes

My morning routine at works includes stopping by at the break room to pop my blueberry bread into the toaster and while the bread toasts emanating that delicious aromatic smell of toasted bread mixed with the warm smell of the blueberries, I make myself a large mug of coffee. Nothing like hot coffee and some blueberry toast 🙂



Well the other day I stopped by at the breakroom for my usual morning routine and I found these huge basket of sunshine yellow tomatoes sitting out there. Obviously some kind soul had grown them in their farm/kitchen garden and decided to share…


I picked up two tomatoes and was amazed at their resplendent yellow color. I did some quick checking online on yellow tomatoes and found tons of information on this not so acidic sweetish variety of tomatoes that are rich in niacin and folate and are actually nutritionally different than their red counterparts. 

I brought them home that evening and the obvious thought was to toss them into a salad..but I wanted to try something different with them..something not so obvious 🙂

I made a “Yellow Tomato Chutney” that was flavorful and bursting with a very different tangy taste that blended very well with the other ingredients I added.

Yellow Tomato Chutney:

You will need:

2 Yellow Tomatoes (You can use the red or the green variety too optionally)
4 Green chillies
2 pods garlic – peeled
1/4 tsp Cumin seeds (Jeera)
A few mint leaves
2 small onions – peeled and chopped roughly
A few sprigs of cilantro (coriander leaves)
a small piece of tamarind
1 tbsp grated coconut (optional)
Salt to taste


1. In a pan, saute all of the above ingredients with a few drops of oil on a high flame for about 5 to 10 minutes, stirring in between.
2. Cool and blend into a coarse paste in a blender/mixer.
3. Serve as an accompaniment to rotis, dosa, idli or rice. 



Tangy and tasty yellow tomato chutney

And our dinner that night 🙂



Yellow Tomato chutney served with Ragi Dosa and Sambar – A plateful of nutritional goodness….