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Crunchy Farmer’s Market Produce Salad

My Saturday weekends are actually very productive nowadays – ever since the onset of Summer. Sat mornings are great for a quick, brisk morning jog/walk at the local outdoor mall followed by shopping for some fresh produce at the local farmers market.. I love the green fresh veggies, herbs and plants! Nothing like coming home and fixing a quick meal with all the fresh veggies…

Some pictures that i took on my phone:


VillagePointe2 VillagePointe3 VillagePointe4 VillagePointe5 VillagePointe6

And put together a quick crunchy salad from all the produce I bought…


Crunchy Salad
Crunchy Salad

Its a quick cucumber, tomato, carrot, walnut salad that you can put together for a light satisfying meal…